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It is vital for our club that we attract new members who share our love of the outdoors and want to experience Mt Buller in a friendly, unpretentious club environment.

The first step is to spend as much time at the Club as possible with current members, either over the winter months or during the summer work parties and social events. As you become more familiar with other members of Opal over the coming 12 months, you can be nominated for Associate Membership with the payment of the annual subscription cost. By becoming an Associate Member of Opal, you can enjoy unrestricted use of the lodge facilities for you, your family and friends all year round, all social events and become involved in our regular summer work party program.

After one year of Associate Membership, a current member of Opal can nominate you for full membership status. Once seconded by another member of Opal your nomination is submitted to the committee for approval. On becoming a full member of Opal you are welcome to contribute to a wide range of Opal initiatives including the Opal management committee. Over the years this has proved to be a great way to get to know everyone and learn about the exciting future of our ski club.

Membership at Opal is great value, with current annual subscription only $721. Full membership of Opal requires a further one-off Entrance Fee of $4,000 and a one-off debenture of $1,050 that is refundable should you choose to leave Opal for any reason.

This is an excellent chance to get involved with a great club on Mt Buller, one of Victoria's best outdoor settings, and take an active part in what Opal is to become over the coming years.

If you would like any additional information on becoming involved in our club, please speak to your contact at Opal or call Chris Berechree, Club President on 0419 513 819.



Full Member Any Associate A or Associate B (who has been an Associate Member for not less than 12 months) shall be eligible to be nominated as a Full Member of Opal Ski Club.

Life Member Members whose lifetime contributions to the club have been recognised by the committee.

Associate Member The spouse of a Member and any child of a Member under the age of 16 years is entitled to use all of the facilities of the Opal Ski Club on the same terms and conditions as would be appropriate to a Member.

Associate Member (Class A) Any child of a member who has reached the age of 18 years but is under age of 30 years shall be eligible to be nominated for election as a Class A Associate Member of Opal Ski Club. (eligible for Full Memership after 1 year)

Associate Member (Class B) Any person who has reached the age of 16 years shall be eligible to be nominated as a Class B Associate Member of Opal Ski Club. (eligible for Full Membership after 1 year)

Provisional Associate Any person who has reached the age of 16 years shall be eligible to be nominated as a Provisional Associate of the Club ("Provisional Associate"). Guest who has stayed 1 + nights.

Social Member Any Full Member, Associate A or Associate B shall be eligible to be nominated for election as a Social Member of Opal Ski Club. (Not advised of General Meetings and not part of corum)


Membership Privileges
(a) All members, Associate Members, Social members and Provisional Associates shall only have such rights as are conferred by the Constitution and such further rights with regard to the use of the Club premises and facilities as may be conferred by the By-Laws and Opal Ski Club.

(b) A right, privilege or obligation of a general Member by reason of membership of the Opal Ski Club is not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another person and terminates upon the cessation of membership whether by death, resignation or otherwise.

(c) Opal Ski Club is a non profit organisation established and conducted solely for the benefit of its general Members. Save as is expressly authorised by this Constitution or by the Act, no payment of any description shall be made by the Opal Ski Club to any general Member, nor shall there be any distribution of its assets between all or any of the general Members.



Annual Subscriptions

Full Member$721.00
Life Member$0
Associate Member$0Spouse of Full Member or child of Member under 18.
Associate Member (Class A)$160.00Child of Member aged 18 to under 25 @ 30 September.
Associate Member (Class A)$287.00Child of Member aged 25 to under 30 @ 30 September.
Associate Member (Class B)$721.00Prospective Full Member new to Opal min. 1 year.
Provisional Associate (Guest)$90.00Provisional Associate (Guest nominate by a Member who has stayed 1 + nights).
Social Member$180.00
New Member Fees
Joining Fee
Annual Subscription - Full Member
* Members/Associates are required to be financial to be eligible for Members' rates/privileges


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